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The issuing of a summons?

If you’ve never received one before you will most likely feel threatened. If you have you’ll most likely file it with the others.

For businesses it can mess up a good credit score so it will be taken seriously. It is often used as a threat in order to obtain a long overdue payment.

Most cases are settled out of Court anyway after both sides have clocked up big legal bills.

As builders we’re in the wrong game?

The District Court

“To do right to all people, according to law, without fear or favour, affection or ill will.”

From the records:

The District Court of Western Australia was established on 1 April 1970. While the prevailing judicial system of the Supreme Court, the Local Courts and Courts of Petty Sessions had been adequate, the rapid expansion of Western Australia’s population required the establishment of an intermediate system of courts. Another Court was also needed to relieve pressure and avoid a backlog of cases in the other courts, especially the Supreme Court.
The District Court of Western Australia was therefore established as a court of record, with criminal and civil jurisdiction, to provide a flexible framework to accommodate the needs of Western Australia in the administration of justice.
In 1971 civil trials were temporarily held in the Public Trust building behind St George’s Cathedral, although criminal trials continued to be heard in the Supreme Court. From April 1982 the District Court was relocated to the Central Law Courts at 30 St George’s Terrace allowing both criminal and civil cases to be heard in the one building.
In 1999, due to continued growth in the Court’s caseload, the District Court took possession of four additional criminal courtrooms created in the May Holman Centre adjacent to the Central Law Courts. The District Court was based in Central Law Courts and the May Holman Centre until relocating to its current, purpose-built CBD headquarters at 500 Hay Street, Perth.


As I said at the start I have only ever worked for the Building Industry, Builders and Subbies so the only time you’ll find yourself in Court is when you issue a summons in order to get paid.

Completing and serving a summons is a straightforward process and always ends with a reduced offer to settle.

It’s just a game some people play.

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